Iber Cocktail S.L. is a company with a great experience in the national market. In our facilities, located in Molina de Segura (Murcia, Spain), we transform different sea products such as Norwegian salmon, cod, anchovies, sardines and fresh anchovies.

Since its inception, we maintain our moral commitment and warranty on all our handmade products which are totally natural (no artificial ingredients added), since they are macerated products, this lower the moisture so that the final customer can enjoy the true flavour of each product.

Iber Cocktail S.L. markets its products in easy-open thermosealed rounded pots, being able to choose between different sizes (200, 400, 700 and 900 grams). Years ago, we decided to continue the expansion of our products on the market, launching the new rectangular packaging formats (150 and 300 grams and catering trade), easy-open thermosealed pots as well.

We thank all our clients and customers for their trust in our brand, getting that we are present in almost all Spanish points of sale, offering the best in quality and service.